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These are some recent samples of the types of articles I write for business magazines. Contact me if you'd like to receive the entire article.



Small Biz
Business Plan Tactics

Be among the successful business owners who take the time to plan their path to success.
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Bloomberg BusinessWeek
Partnering for Profit
"The right alliances can take your business to the next level"

Small businesses willing to join forces with other companies are likely to experience improvements in both profits and productivity if they approach partnerships properly. Instead of fighting the competition, smart businesses are partnering with complementary ventures to pursue larger jobs, share referrals and swap industry news. The result? More work for all.
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Foreign Bodies

Your employee asks for some time off for a trip to India. But she’s not going to tour the Taj Mahal. She’s going for a knee replacement, because the surgery would cost too much through your company health plan.
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  Entrepreneur eBay Startup Guide
Can You Repeat That?
Hone your customer satisfaction skills and you’ll bring in a ton of repeat business.

Marketing experts have said for years that there are really only three ways to grow a business: Attract new customers, sell higher-priced items to existing customers, or sell more frequently to existing customers.
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Q: Should I call into work while on vacation?
A: “No business owner can go away and not think about [their company],” says Dave Ratner, chief instigating officer and owner of four retail pet stores, named Dave’s Soda and Pet City, in the Springfield, Mass. area. But that doesn’t mean you have to check in constantly.

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Black Enterprise
Games People Play
Imagery Media combines its creative skills with flash animation to entertain and train

Imagery Media hit the big time in 2003, when Clear Channel Radio hired the interactive animation studio to create an online video game to promote top New York City radio station Z100 and its lead DJ, Romeo. More than two years later, the game, Romeo on the Run, is still getting 1 million hits a month from listeners who head to the station’s Website for entertainment. “It’s a commercial that will go on forever,” explains Justin Kennedy, Imagery Media’s director.
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Housing for All
For Corcoran Jennison Companies, the key to a 96% occupancy rate at its mixed-income communities is to not define residents by earning power.

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