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These are some recent samples of the types of articles I write for consumer magazines. Contact me if you'd like to receive the entire article.



Beauty Book
Nail Sense
Long-lasting polish

One of the hottest nail treatments to hit the Rochester market in recent years is Harmony’s Gelish gel polish. Also called “gel curing nail polish,” Gelish nail polish is among the hardest and longest lasting now available, says Terri Hynes, nail technician with Studio 3 Nails and Waxing in Penfield. Download a pdf of the full article.


Beauty Book
Greener Hair?
(It’s not what you think!)

“If you need a chemistry degree to understand a product label, t may not be good to put on your hair, skin or mouth,” says Sherry Miller, owner of Sherry Miller’s Salon in Kendall, New York. Miller is one of handful of salon owners who have embraced the concept of organic hair care. Download a pdf of the full article.


Beauty Book
Healthy eating in Rochester is easier than you think.

Despite the proliferation of Rochester’s Garbage Plates, fish fry dinners, and all-you-can-eat buffets, folks in our town are actually taking steps to adopt healthier eating habits. “I see a big decline in the use of heavy sauces and pastas, [and more] light glazes and layered dishes,” observes Jim Capone, executive chef with Deliciously Different Catering in Penfield. Download a pdf of the full article.


Home improvement, on the cheap - add value at a fraction of the cost with a few smart updates

With housing values falling, investing lavishly in home upgrades simply isn’t prudent. Yet ignoring easy maintenance or enhancements wouldn’t be wise either. So how do you strike a balance between over-investing and conserving cash? It all comes down to choosing the right home improvement projects, combined with the right money-saving outlets for materials. Read the full article here.


43 Ways to Live Healthy on Way Less Money

Even in a recession you can eat well, exercise regularly, and get top-notch health care - if you know what you're doing. Our tricks will help you save $15,000 to $150,000 a year!
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Woman’s Day
28 Ways to "Print" Money
Fresh ways to find coupons for almost everything

Last year I saved more than $1,600 at the supermarket by clipping coupons. I also enjoyed hundreds of dollars more in free restaurant meals and extra money off household purchases simply by seeking out coupons. Spending as little as possible on purchases involves having both a coupon collection and a coupon redemption strategy. The trick is to gather free coupons from a variety of sources. But what’s even more important is how you use them.
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When Haley LaBorde, 19 months, puts on her pink plastic high heels, she becomes a "grown-up mommy," complete with diaper bag. "She really acts the part," marvels her mom, Tina Gargan, of East Rochester, NY.(Contact me for the complete article)


The Writer
Secrets of Six-Figure Freelancerse

Top earners share tips on making the most of your time - and making more money.
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Product review: Baby bouncy seats
The next best thing to being cuddled by mom or dad

What babies need most during the first few months is frequent cuddling and holding from mom and dad, explains Sally Goldberg, Ph.D., a.k.a.”Dr. Sally,” parenting specialist and author of Constructive Parenting and Baby and Toddler Learning Fun. That all-important bond between parent and child begins to form during the first few months of a baby’s life and is strengthened by regular physical contact. However, holding a baby 24/7 is generally impossible, and where baby bouncy seats come in handy.
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Great Living for Less
Where the deals are

Love the idea of having a home filled with fabulous finds that you didn’t have to break the bank to get? It may be easier than you think. Bargains are available year-round at places on land and online, for a fraction of the original price, if you’re willing to hunt. Snagging treasures cheaply typically takes time and patience, but it’s not difficult. (Contact me for the complete article)




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