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These are some recent samples of the types of articles I write for consumer magazines. Contact me if you'd like to receive the entire article.



OneonOne with Jerry Noonan

Jerry Noonan, managing partner of the North American consumer practice for executive search firm Spencer Stuart, is helping companies overhaul their marketing departments. After years of hearing that “the customer is always right,” it appears that corporations are finally starting to believe their own message.
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One-to-One: Getting Past B2B Gatekeepers
Strategies for gaining access to senior execs

Gatekeepers are very different today,” says Cyndi Greenglass. Where secretaries and assistants formerly controlled access to senior executives, now “rarely is a gatekeeper a person. More often it’s an email filter or voice mail.
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Business Vision®
Take Charge
Used wisely, your credit card can be a valuable business tool for managing cash flow and safeguarding purchases.

How many times have you pulled out your credit card to pay for business-related goods in the past few days or weeks? If you're like many entrepreneurs, your cards have become an essential part of your day-to-day operations. But while you swipte away, you might be missing out on some essential benefits.
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Massey Ferguson Today
Sports Fields: A Growing Business
Hummer Turfgrass Systems is a star player

“The sports field market has just blossomed in the last few years,” says Bob Hummer, president and owner of Hummer Turfgrass Systems Inc. in Manheim, Pa.
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