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These are some recent samples of the types of articles I write for trade magazines. Contact me if you'd like to receive the entire article.




Ability One
Filling a Need,Reclaiming Funds
Contract Management Support Services open doors for an underemployed segment

Because of attrition and retirements, thousands of contracting officer positions are unfilled. In the next 10 years, that critical shortage is expected to swell as the requirements to issue new contracts outpace existing contracting staff. As a result, some post-award contracting functions, such as contract closeout receive lower contracting officer work priority, resulting in large backlogs of contracts requiring closeout. Download a pdf of the full article.


Club Management
Extending the invitation
Satisfy your club’s appetite for revenue by helping members use the club for their special events

"In the last few years, membership and member retention have been the primary focus at private clubs," says Shannon Herschbach, president of Los Angeles-based Pipeline Golf Marketing. However, 2012 brought with it a sea change,with general managers' interest shifting to generating revenue as a means to avoiding an assessment. Pursuing special event business is one way to achieve revenue growth. Download a pdf of the full article.



Playing financial catch-up
Building your post-residency financial game plan

With the median annual primary care physician salary reportedly at $202,392, and the median salary for physicians in medical specialties at $356,885, according to the most recent Medical Group Management Association’s Physician Compensation and Production Survey, it would be easy to assume that physicians leave their money woes behind following residency. Download a pdf of the full article.


Beauty Store Business

This multicultural haircare-brands powerhouse continues to break new ground with innovative products and marketing.

When your brands control an estimated 20% of the market for multi-cultural hair products, it could be easy to rest on your laurels. But SoftSheen-Carson's general manager, Angela Guy, is far from satisfied with 20%.
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The Writer
Secrets of Six-Figure Freelancers

Top earners share tips on making the most of your time - and making more money.
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