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These are some recent samples of the types of business books I write. Contact me if you'd like to receive more details.



The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vision Boards (Paperback)

A Vision Board is a board for pasted images representing goals the creator wants to accomplish, made so that he or she might attain them. They are garnished with everything from photographs to 3-D objects. This book shows the steps to: imagining the desired results (from the perfect mate to improved health); breaking through obstacles to transformation; visualizing an improved future; and using the Vision Board to "retrain the brain."


The Unofficial Guide to Marketing Your Small Business

This handy guide provides detailed information on low-budget, high-impact marketing techniques that produce near-immediate results. Small businesses need a quick return on their marketing investments, and this book shows the best ways to achieve it.


Inside the Amazing Success of Today’s
Most Popular Chef

Emeril Lagasse is a phenomenon–a television chef and restaurateur who has parlayed his outsized personality and gastronomic acumen into a multi-million-dollar culinary empire. Now, for the first time, you get to enter Emeril’s incredible world. Filled with candid stories and vivid details, EMERIL! reveals how this culinary connoisseur made it to the top of his profession, while staying true to his main mission–showing ordinary people how to have fun with food.


The Magnet Effect
by Jesse Berst

The Magnet Effect provides readers with techniques they can use to spot the trends, forecast the domino effects, and position themselves to pounce on opportunities. The book also lays out a groundbreaking survival guide for increasing Internet traffic and business.


The Unofficial Guide to Starting a Small Business
Named one of the “Best Business Books of the Year” by Library Journal

Want to be your own boss but aren't quite sure how to make it happen? This guide shows you the way. Now revised and updated to cover the latest regulations, techniques, and trends, it walks you step by step through the entire start-up process, from coming up with a business plan and lining up financing to setting up shop, marketing to your customer base, and dealing with accounting, taxes, insurance, and licenses.


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Starting Your Own Business
Co-authored with Ed Paulson (1st and 2nd editions)

This is an extensive handbook of small-business basics for those who already have the desire and drive mandatory for launching an individual commercial enterprise.


Kmart’s Ten Deadly Sins

Kmart's Ten Deadly Sins is an intriguing tale of the missteps of a retail giant who once had the industry in the palm of its hand and let it all slip away. The book weaves corporate history with financial analysis and commentary that leaves the reader with a better sense of where Kmart has been and what its potential is for a turnaround.


How to Think Like the World’s Greatest Marketing Minds

Presents the revolutionary strategies of some of the greatest contemporary minds in marketing, showing how to model their accomplishments and achieve personal success in marketing. Includes the strategies of Sergio Zyman, Martha Stewart, and Phil Knight.


Successful Fine Art Marketing

This manual is a guide for both artists and gallery personnel. Artists and dealers often fall into the trap of believing that all that is required to sell fine art is the mounting of an exhibition. But the "field of dreams theory", "Exhibit it and it will sell." doesn't work! Many artists and dealers have not been taught how to focus their energy and limited resources in developing successful marketing plans. "Marketing" and "sales" are words which are often used interchangeably but have dramatically different meanings. Marketing consists of the steps that lead up to and results in sales. Well planned and executed marketing leads to multiple opportunities to make sales.




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