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Although much of my writing is for print magazines and book publishers, I also write for the web. I’ve crafted online articles for well-established sites like StartupNation.com and BlackAmericaWeb.com and I’ve developed copy for corporate websites. I moderated online discussion groups and contributed resource material for sites like Macmillan’s Online Resource Center and iVillage’s About Work site, too.
How Much Is Your Childhood Memorabilia Worth?

The buzz about this Friday’s big-screen opening of The Avengers has sent prices rocketing for classic superhero comic books. According to The Hollywood Reporter, a copy of the 1963 comic book in which Iron Man made his debut just sold for a record $375,000 at an auction. This follows a run of records shattered by other vintage Avengers-related comics in 2011 and 2012. (Click here to read the article in its entirety.)
What you get from a $14/hour overseas worker

NEW YORK (CNNMoney.com) -- I have always had trouble delegating. Even as a manager in corporate America, I had a tendency to do all my work myself -- everything from scheduling meetings, to reserving conference rooms, to ordering lunch for guests and sending faxes. I was convinced I was the best person to complete these tasks. (Click here to read the article in its entirety.)

Admin Systems

Delivering academic records electronically offers substantial convenience, time, and cost advantages over paper-based exchange.
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Small Business Advantage

Marketing doesn’t have to cost a lot to be effective. In fact, the most creative marketing tactics, which are often the least expensive, can yield impressive results. Take wedding coordinator Danelle Marable who, with a friend, started Two Friends Coordinators, in Boston last year.
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Achieve Results
Featured User

Al Campagna and his colleagues at Greater Rochester Orthopedics had heard about Dragon Naturally Speaking software from colleagues, in discussions with other practice managers, and at conferences, but it wasn’t until the group’s annual transcription costs topped $100,000 that they decided to add it to their own operations. (Click here to read the article in its entirety.)


Tip Sheets: The Publicity Tool with a Near-100%
Success Rate

Last year, Daren Hornig was becoming increasingly frustrated with the never-ending stream of articles warning of the coming real estate crash. Hornig, president and CEO of The Quest Group, a commercial brokerage firm in New York City, disagreed that any reversal was on the horizon. And he wanted to find a way to curb the negative press that was dampening the local market.
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Gordon Smith Homes

Where the rich and famous come to unwind. Whether you’re looking to commune with nature or commiserate with celebrities, the Boise area is an up-and-coming hot spot.

Magnificent waterfronts, incredible views. From sparkling lakes to our serene reservoirs, you’ll enjoy waterfronts like no others. 
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The Truth About Online Education

Richard Naimy, search engine optimization program manager with Los Angeles-based Apollo Interactive, had always promised himself he’d go back to school. He’d earned an associates degree from a trade school after high school and another associates degree in business economics from Los Angeles Valley College, but he really wanted a bachelors degree. Then life got in the way of his dream. (Click here to read this article in its entirety.)

When A Picture Is Really Worth 1,000 Words: How to Take Better Before-And-After Pictures

You can tell prospective clients all about your years of plastic surgery experience, your high standards, your superior medical training, your state-of-the-art equipment, and your 100% satisfaction rating, but none of those statements will be nearly as effective as showing them excellent before-and-after photos of your patients. (Click here to read this article in its entirety.)

HIPAA Compliance - Frequently Asked Questions

HIPAA is a governmental effort to ensure that personal health information remains private and secure. It’s up to healthcare practices and facilities to ensure that they follow HIPAA requirements. When patients and doctors communicate using Zwivel’s online consultation tool, the information is transferred and stored in accordance with all HIPAA Privacy & Security Rules. Here are some of the basics facts surrounding HIPAA that patients and healthcare practitioners should be aware of: (Click here to read this article in its entirety.)

5 Popular Cosmetic Procedures for a Bikini-Ready Body

As the temperatures rise and layers of clothing are shed, many men and women are taking a hard look at themselves in the mirror and deciding that they’re due for a little tune-up. Summer is also the best time of the year to get work done if you don’t want to be conspicuously absent from the office while recovering from surgery. After a few days off you’ll return to the office looking better than ever: (Click here to read this article in its entirety.)




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