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Authors: How to Easily Find a Ghostwriter Online

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One of the most-searched questions within Google regarding ghostwriters is how to find one. Many aspiring authors would like some writing support and don’t know where to turn.

Being cautious about where you’re looking and how you’re qualifying potential ghostwriters is smart. There are many scam websites out there and it’s easy to get taken by companies that claim to offer bestselling talent for a few thousand bucks.

Be skeptical.

(For tips on red flags, check out this recent blog post.)

So now that you’ve been warned about how not to conduct your search, here are some places to find experienced ghostwriters:

AOG Find a Ghostwriter. This free service from the Association of Ghostwriters (AOG) allows you to fill out a form describing your project and what you need ghostwritten. Once submitted, your information is shared with the experienced members of the organization, all of whom have ghostwritten at least two books. (Many have penned dozens more.) There is no charge for this service and you work out the details and compensation with the ghostwriter you choose directly.

AOG Directory search. If you’re uncomfortable sharing details of your project with multiple ghosts at once, another option is to conduct your own search by scanning the bios of some of the members of the Association of Ghostwriters. There is a public member directory that is searchable by genre, location, and other keywords you may find relevant. When you find some candidates, you can reach out directly to see if there’s a fit.

American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA). ASJA is a professional organization, similar to the AOG, consisting of seasoned freelance writers and authors. A subset of its membership is ghostwriters, which can be found by checking the “ghostwriting” box under “Skills & Media” in the ASJA member directory.

Another source of candidates is publishers. Whether you’ve opted to pursue a traditional publishing contract or you want to control the process through an independent or hybrid publisher, publishers and agents can steer you to potential ghostwriters who could be a fit for your topic, timeline, and budget.

Some firms that can connect you with ghostwriters and hold your hand while you figure out your best publishing options include:

In general, the more guidance and hand-holding you’re after, the higher the fee for services. But you can be connected with ghostwriter candidates through all of these firms.

Finding a strong ghostwriter can help you make progress on that book you’ve wanted to write, and get it moving toward publication faster than you might imagine.


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